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Why Capital Connect?

Capital Connect brokered by eXp Commercial is a Business Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate firm specializing in assisting business’s with Mergers and Acquisitions. Our core focus is guiding entrepreneurs, franchise owners, and franchisor owners in providing the best options for their business portfolio. With over 20+ years of business brokerage and commercial real estate experience we have the certifications and experience to provide business valuations, capital funding, commercial real estate services, franchise referrals and business transitions.  Capital Connect partners with the lower to middle market sector in a wide variety of industries. Our team consists of experienced advisors who have previously owned and managed businesses of their own. 

Capital Connect partners with numerous entrepreneurs and organizations in assisting with acquisitions and/or listings. Whether you are a buyer considering a strategic acquisition or an owner wanting to sell their business, our team can put your company on the right path to a successful transaction, all at NO cost to you unless we deliver… 

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Capital Connect Who We Serve


• Branded Franchise Owners
• Independent Operators
• Franchisors
• Small Business Owners
• Emerging Concepts
• Corporations

• Business Owners
• Independent Operators
• Franchisors
• Emerging Concepts
• Organizations 

Capital Connect Services


• Business Mergers and Acquisitions
• Real Estate Services
• Business Valuations
• Capital Funding
• Buying, Selling or Leasing

"Capital Connect is a beacon of clarity in this somewhat cloudy world of franchise growth and development. Ron and Sam provide the guidance and resources you can trust, to help you navigate the path to your success."
Paul Russo & Jeffrey Longo, NYPD Pizza
“We have been in search of finding the right partner to help us fund our future growth strategy. Capital Connect has been instrumental in coaching our team, connecting us with top capital firms and providing a seamless process for our team. Ron and his Team has helped streamline this process for us and they have been very helpful.”
Paul Amestoy, Co-Founder, Kitchen Armor
“Finding the right capital partner to take your business to the next level isn't easy in any vertical, but it's especially true in the restaurant space. The process is time consuming and can be resource intensive, especially when you're just starting out. Ron and Sam from Capital Connect have been great to work with, going beyond just a warm introduction to really understand our brand and who we are as founders to make the right match of goals and shared values. Their network reaches angels and sophisticated capital alike, and we're looking forward to continuing our partnership with them as we work to take our brand national.”
Prakash Karamchandani, Balance Pan-Asian Grille

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