How Much Is Your Business Worth?

Learn how our Business Valuation Services can provide confidential and accurate insight into your business’s worth.

Determining the value of a business can be a complicated process, especially within private markets. Fortunately, with our Valuation Services, it has never been easier, more efficient, and effective, to estimate the value and sale price of your privately-owned business. Current valuation services charge high prices for basic valuation reports that may not even consider the intangible assets that make your business unique, therefore more valuable. Such industry standards often leave your business undervalued, and at a high cost too.

Our Valuation Services offer value estimates at the lowest prices in the industry, satisfaction guaranteed. Below are the valuation report packages we offer.

  • Rapid Valuation: ($100) – includes: Estimated Sale Price/Value, 2-page Valuation Report, Valuation Breakdown Chart, 3 Valuation Models.
  • Standard Valuation: ($500) – includes: Estimated Sale Price/Value, 15-page Valuation Report, Valuation Breakdown Chart, 3-5 Valuation Models (as applicable).
  • Enterprise Valuation:  (TBD)- includes: Estimated Sale Price/Value, 25-page Valuation Report, Valuation Breakdown Chart plus additional charts and graphs, Valuation presentation for potential buyers, all applicable valuation models.

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In order to start the valuation process contact us and set-up an appointment with one of our analysts to discuss your business and its financials. For peace of mind and protection, we are happy to write-up and sign an NDA to insure financial security and privacy.
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